I guess today’s the day!  Today my internship with Mozilla begins.  I prepared by partitioning my hard drive and installing the latest developer version of Rust.  The workstation I was using will suddenly become inaccessible to me when I graduate, so I have to turn my recreational laptop into a viable workstation.  I usually use Mac OSX (and still do on my primary partition–just upgraded to Mavericks!) but I’m excited to be using Ubuntu 12.04 on my work partition.  It’s taking some getting used to with the trackpad, but other than that, it’s fantastic so far.

I haven’t gotten the chance to meet with my mentor yet–that happens tomorrow.  For now, all I can do is prepare and get as much of my schoolwork out of the way as possible.  I graduate next week, and classes end on Thursday.  I’m just hoping I won’t have too much work to do on my final projects once classes are over!  Tomorrow, I suppose we’ll discuss what I’m doing, which will very likely be a continuation of the B-tree I started implementing as my application to the project.  There’s still so much left to be done–it makes me kind of nervous thinking about it, but I suppose I do have three months to finish it.

More updates to come as my work starts!  Get excited!

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