Getting back in gear with git

Hello, all!

So I took a little bit of time to celebrate the holidays with my family, but today marks the day when I hope to get back on track for my work with Rust.  Most of my commits lately haven’t had much new content, but rather, I’m wrestling with git.  It’s difficult to use at first!  And worse yet, all of my git mistakes are displayed publicly on Github.  Now, you would think this has an easy enough solution: don’t push bad commits to my public repository!  However, this is less easy than you think–I know little enough about git that I don’t always know when I’m making a large and embarrassing mistake.  Sometimes, I even look at what I’ve done on Github and don’t realize that my commits are unusable, even though the evidence of their failure is right in front of me.  Needless to say, I’m a little bit *over* git right now.

At least I’m at the stage with git where I’m not scared of accidentally losing content.  If messing with git has taught me anything, it’s that everything can be fixed somehow–it’s just really difficult sometimes.  I suppose a good resolution for the upcoming year would be to make fewer mistakes with git and be more careful so the helpful people who work with Rust can spend more time actually reviewing my code for content, rather than silly mistakes.

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2 Responses to Getting back in gear with git

  1. chapulina says:

    You just described my past days! And my repository! hehehe I was making a lot of stupid commits, then trying to undo them, then merging branches I didn’t want to 😀

    At some point I decided I had to stop trying to use Git (well, in my case Mercurial) and just try to understand it. After this miraculous video everything made sense 🙂 He doesn’t mention Mercurial specifically until the 3rd video or so, so it could help with Git too 😉 Good luck!

  2. Hey! I’m in the same boat as you. I wrote a blog post about git resources for other opw interns (, maybe you’ll find some of these handy. Good luck!

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