pull request pull request pull request!

I looked into some of the resources people gave me for git, and I felt like I had figured things out!  However, that wasn’t enough to stop me from making a mysterious error of unnatural causes.  I did my best to fix it, but my mentor and I had to sit down and step-by-step go through some git commands to figure out what had happened.  Everything seemed to fall into place when we reset –soft back to the newest commit before mine, but we still don’t know why git refused our other attempts to set things right.

But the fact that we had set my commit history to rights (that is, to one with a minimal amount of commits and no history of randomly deleted and resurrected files) meant that I could have my pull request approved!  I got it approved by my mentor, and the Rust build-bot Bors tried to merge it in that night.  Unfortunately, I was asleep when it failed, so I awoke to a list of error messages from Bors.  I wasn’t sure what was up, but everyone assured me that this happens from time to time, even with a successful build.  We retried the merge, and Bors co-operated.

I always get really excited when one of my pull requests gets merged.  It means some of my code made it into a big project!  It feels so cool to contribute.  I know I can’t yet count myself among the Rust greats–you know, those people who submit four new PRs a day and write the big, important features of the language–but it’s awesome to be back in my corner, writing my own little library from the ground up.  It’s nice to see my name on the authors list, get tipped in bitcoins for my work, and tell all my friends that I’m contributing to a major open-source project.

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