The Work Week!


Yes. I know. I said I’d post every day. However, I’ve been sick in a strange and debilitating way for about three weeks, and I have been feeling rather run down lately.  I figured that I’d post a quick update today, though, to talk about what I’ve done recently, especially since my meeting with colleague Niko today was particularly interesting!

Niko and I sat down after lunch and discussed my data structure.  He suggested an unexpectedly slick and elegant way of representing a B-tree, and I have more or less started from absolute scratch.  This felt bad initially–like, what happened to all the progress back-and-forth that I’ve been making since December?  However, I think I have substantially and suddenly enhanced my understanding of How Rust Works (and How Rust Should Look), and I am anticipating a great deal of progress to follow very soon.  I regret to say that I have not yet pushed my changes to my GitHub repo, but!  I hope by the end of the week I will have something new.

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